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State of Arkansas Bail Bond Electronic Filing

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EFile Requirements

Requirements for upload are set forth in the documents below. Download your prefered document type to reference or add data to. Headers must be in the same order and spelling as in the template.

Templates - XLSX CSV Pipe Delimited

3rd party bond tracking software vendors can reach out to eFileBonds to setup an API upload option. Contact at

File Upload Information

  • Upload as one or multiple times per quarter.
  • Duplicate bond information will be skipped.
  • Choose a file format from below.

In each file example
  1. Line 1: Are field headers. This row must be included in each file.
  2. Line 2: Example of a newly written bond with no discharge date. Leave this cell empty.
  3. Line 3: Example of a discharged bond – include all fields including the discharge date.
  4. Line 4: Example of a voided bond. Important fields are the company code, agent license, bond number, and bond date. The bond date is the voided date of the bond. Enter “VOID” in all other text fields and “0” (zero) for all number fields.
  5. Data format: 2 char, number, text, text, number, text, text, text, text, number, number, number, text, date, date